According to the law, a number of important tasks need to be completed when someone dies

The named executors take on the responsibility if a valid will was left behind. In the absence of a valid will, the person is said to have died “Intestate” and the Intestacy Rules determine who can be appointed as the Administrators of the estate.

One of the most difficult things to go through is losing a loved one. And a dispute over a will or estate can make things more difficult. Law & Co probate solicitors can help in the many instances of conflicts, whether it is being unfairly excluded out of a will or feel not properly provided for. Even in the event where a person who is acting as an executor and somebody else is contesting the will, our specialist lawyers can help.

Will and probate solicitors assist individuals and families with legal advice on a variety of matters

During the probate process probate and will specialist solicitors assist their clients to structure their affairs, mitigate tax, preserve and pass down their property onto successors.

If needed Law & Co performs services that have an international reach. Such cases may include the settlement of family disputes and cross-border estate and succession planning. Another important service we provide is structuring international property and tax matters.

Law & Co have a vast amount of experience dealing with all issues relating to Wills, Probate and Estate Law including administration related matters, and we offer flexible pricing.

We have expertise in all areas of probate law and offer the following probate services:

  • Dispute resolution of pre-death disputes and claims against or by the estate
  • Estate administration services and related tax aspects
  • Inheritance tax planning and advice on the best ways to deal with it including deeds of variation
  • Heritage property matters and cross-border estates involving property

We provide careful and sensitive representation with professionalism and empathy at all times.

The will and probate law caseworkers at Law & Co are always ready to provide sensitive and professional care to assist the family and loved ones of the deceased. The issues during this difficult time can be sensitive and distressing to clients so helping them manage their legal affairs involving family and loved ones, is integral to peace of mind.

  • Law & Co additionally assist with will and probate law matters in the following areas of focus.
  • Planning advice on tax matters, mitigation on inheritance tax and completion of income tax returns
  • Making a will and lasting powers of attorney
  • Trust setups and the management thereof with advice on related trust services
  • Arrangements for extra care, residential or nursing care

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