Both landlords and tenants have legal obligations to each other

Landlord tenant law is a part of the common law that details the rights and duties of landlords and tenants. It includes elements of both real property law (specifically conveyances) and contract law.

Whether you want to review a tenancy agreement, or need advice from landlord solicitors on landlord disputes for example seeking the eviction of a tenant Law & Co assists in all types of matters related to landlord and tenant law in the UK.

Representation is also on offer for tenants to protect their sitting tenant rights and other tenant legal advice for example illegal eviction.

Landlord & Tenant disputes may arise for any number of reasons

The main categories of services related to landlord tenant law:

Possession Proceedings

The proceedings which ensue for one of the following reasons: the term of the lease has expired, rent remains unpaid or a breach of tenancy agreement has occurred. In this event Law & Co can assist private landlords as well as commercial concerns with the various processes and negotiations concerning the recovery of their property.


The legal definition of disrepair constitutes damage to a rental property which needs to be remedied in order to provide decent accommodation to tenants in accordance with the law. Disrepair can be the responsibility of the tenant or the landlord depending on the contractual agreements and circumstances surrounding a case. Several remedies are available for disputes regarding disrepair including mediation, small claims and civil litigation.

Registration and deposit protection

Deposit protection is mandated and regulated by the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) and the legislation covers virtually all new assured shorthold tenancy contracts used by letting agents and landlords to let a property in England and Wales. We assist our clients in all matters related to inquiries, disputes and problems with the deposit protection requirements in the UK.

Tenancy Agreements

This written contract serves as the terms and conditions that must be met by both the tenant and landlord. It forms the basis of the landlord-tenant relationship and may prevent disputes further down the line. Law & Co can assist both tenants and landlords in drafting contracts, reviewing and advising on the statutory as well as negotiable applications thereof.

We provide guidance for landlords and tenants on all housing issues

The landlord, tenant and property law experts at Law & Co are aims to advise, guide and help on all landlord and tenant related matters ensuring a fast and efficient resolution. We will be able to inform our clients and protect their best interests should any dispute occur within the landlord and tenant relationship.

Law & Co also assist further in matters associated with landlord, tenant and property law in the following areas of focus:

  • Unlawful occupation and possession procedures
  • Tenancy surrenders / termination or occupancy and breach of terms
  • Drafting of assured shorthold tenancies
  • Disputes relating to service charges
  • Tenancy deposits and deposit protection
  • Lease forfeiture and relief from forfeiture
  • Advice related to disputes regarding dilapidations, repair and or alterations
  • Representation of clients in renewal disputes
  • All matters arising from business tenancies

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