Corporate and commercial law is a specialized field of law and generally involves commercial laws and regulations.

Every corporate deal is different and depends on several factors such as the size of the company and the type of industry they operate in. Corporate lawyers Law & Co deal with different transactions in corporate business such as the incorporation of companies, board meetings, secretarial matters, directors’ and shareholders’ rights and the public listing or delisting of companies.

Corporate law firms Law & Co are experts in company and business law. We understand the differences between legal entities and assist companies in various transactions for improved business operations.

The two main areas of corporate law: Corporate governance and corporate finance

Corporate and commercial law can be broken down into two main fields. Many commercial law firms have a very specific list of services, sometimes in either the governance or financial fields of corporate law. At Law & Co we offer services around both and provide the following description and related areas of focus.

In the UK corporate governance mediates the duties among the different bodies of the organization namely the shareholders, directors, creditors and the employees. Often understood as the makings of company legislation, corporate governance is concentrated around the specific regulations of its statutes internally as well as national and international compliance.

Areas of services in corporate governance include:

  • Stipulation and adherence to corporate governance and share dealing codes
  • Compile and advise on Companies Act directors' duties
  • Corporate social responsibility and sustainability
  • Institutional investor voting guidelines – NAPF, PIRC and others
  • All matters related to directors arrangements: duties, breach of duties, remuneration and incentive schemes.

Corporate finance on the other hand is more involved with arrangements concerning the capital stake of its shareholders and various ways in which the monetary values of a company may be managed and applied.

Areas of services in corporate finance include:

  • Legal arrangements concerning corporate restructuring and insolvency
  • Legal arrangements concerning reorganization or corporations and demergers
  • Equity capital market related matters, including private equity and venture capital
  • Negotiations surrounding mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures of various corporations
  • General financial advice and litigation on company law as well as adherence to listing rules and AIM rules.

We provide the most innovative, caring and dependable advice with matters in corporate and commercial law

The corporate law experts at Law & Co are always ready to provide innovative and dependable advice on the many legal aspects running an efficient corporation. We understand our client’s needs and will ensure that they always receive the optimum negotiations through our commercial awareness.

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