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Accident at work – overview

An accident at work, also known as occupational accident is an occurrence in the cause and place of work which leads to a physical or mental injury as a result.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), as much as 337 million work-related accidents are recorded globally each year. This shocking statistic also reveals that together with occupational diseases, an average of 2.3 million work-related deaths is recorded annually in the world as well.

The definition of work accident includes accidents occurring “while engaged in an economic activity, or at work, or carrying on the business of the employer” according to the ILO.

Examples of accidents that can occur in the workplace:

  • Accident at work caused by the use of faulty equipment
  • Fork lift and Truck accidents
  • Slip, trip and fall accidents can happen while at work
  • Heavy lifting and lack of manual handling training accidents
  • Lack of protective equipment to conduct a task
  • Repetitive strain injury incurred due to repeated performance of tasks

The law protects us

All employers have a “duty of care” responsibility to look after their employees. This means that the law required every employer in the UK to take steps to ensure that the working environment is safe to work in. All risks for injuries must be minimized and provided for. This is why many companies have rules governing the use of dangerous machinery and working at heights.

Your employer must comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, if they fail to do so they are responsible for your injuries. Other regulations specific to certain working environments must also be adhered to. For example the Work at Height Regulations 2005 act or ‘Six-Pack’ Regulations 1992.

Under this law it is also illegal for your employer to dismiss you for making a work accident claim. So you may not lose your job, which will be considered as “unfair dismissal”. This further entitles any employee wrongfully treated to take legal action.

Considering a work accident claim for compensation?

If you had an accident at work and you are entitled to claiming compensation. The claims procedures can be relatively straightforward and you can read about the various topics in this regard in our Blog. The first and most important step to take would be to find a solicitor to assist you with your case.

We can help. At Law & Co we specialize in personal injury and welcome persons wishing to pursue a claim to contact us so we may discuss your needs. During the first consultation we will discuss your case and aim to determine if you should proceed and how much your claim could be worth.

The outcome of your claim depends solely on the nature and severity of the accident as well as the injuries you have sustained. With the help of our expert claims solicitors you can obtain an estimate of the compensation you may be entitled to can give you a further idea on whether to proceed with you claim or not.


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